Mushroom production and consultancy services


Current world mushroom production is about 30.2 million tons which is worth $ 2,800 billion. The mushroom market in many developed and developing economies is significant pace, however, their systematic distribution is still a challenge across many countries and regions. Investment by industry players as well as the government to improve the distribution system of fresh and processed mushroom can bring immense growth opportunities for the sales of mushroom across the world.   

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Mushroom is efficient means for conversation of agricultural wastes into valuable protein and presents huge potential for generating additional income and employment. In India, the full potential of mushroom cultivation is yet to be unleashed. The cultivation practice has centered on white button mushroom, accounting for 85 per cent of the total production. The domestic marketing channels lack adequate price support faced with erratic demand and supplies. Lack of trained manpower is among other drawback for the growth of the mushroom industry.

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  1. Boosts your immune system
  2.  Improves your Heart Health
  3. Kicks up your metabolism 
  4. Gives you Antioxidants
  5. Increases your Vitamin D
  6.  Good for your Bladder


This period of fertilizer planning ordinarily happens outside albeit an encased structure or a design with a rooftop over it very well might be utilized. A substantial section, alluded to as a wharf, is needed for fertilizing the soil. Also, a manure turner to circulate air through and water the fixings, and a work vehicle loader to move the fixings to the turner is required. In prior days heaps were turned by hand utilizing pitchforks, which is as yet an option in contrast to motorized hardware, however it is work serious and truly requesting.

Stage I , fertilizing the soil is started by blending and wetting the fixings as they are stacked in a rectangular heap with tight sides and a free community. Ordinarily, the mass fixings are put through a fertilizer turner. Water is splashed onto the pony excrement or manufactured fertilizer as these materials travel through the turner. Nitrogen enhancements and gypsum are spread over the highest point of the mass fixings and are completely blended by the turner. When the heap is wetted and framed, high-impact maturation (treating the soil) begins because of the development and multiplication of microorganisms, which happen normally in the mass fixings. Warmth, alkali, and carbon dioxide are delivered as side-effects during this cycle. Manure activators, other than those referenced, are not required, albeit some natural cultivating books pressure the requirement for an “activator.”

Mushroom manure creates as the synthetic idea of the crude fixings is changed over by the action of microorganisms, warmth, and some warmth delivering substance responses. These occasions bring about a food source generally appropriate for the development of the mushroom to the rejection of different growths and microscopic organisms. There should be sufficient dampness, oxygen, nitrogen, and sugars present all through the interaction, or, more than likely the cycle will stop. This is the reason water and enhancements are added intermittently, and the manure heap is circulated air through as it travels through the turner.