How We Help Our Clients?

Field Visit

o Soil Sampling o Water Sampling o Field Layout o Advisory for documentation such as Agri inputs&Field activity etc. o Visitor’s detail o Observing the leveling & vegetation o Issuing instructions to the person concerned. COMPLIMENTARY:Soil analysis for pH, organic carbon, electrical conductivity & macro nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium). Water analysis for more than 6 parameters. Agro Climatic condition of the region..

Detailed Project Report (DPR)

Thereafter, we need to very cautiously zero in the variety of that crop. Once we confirm crop & it’s variety for the project, we move ahead for the DPR. DPR is a document which makes the client aware about the in & out of the project. DPR covers HOW, WHAT & WHY with respect to the project. Package of Practice covers nutrient management, water management, weed management, disease management, insect management & crop management. Besides, economics of the project is also depicted in the DPR. Cost of cultivation, amount of return & profit /loss statement is also presented in DPR. This enables the client to decide whether to start the project & if yes then when & how to start it.

Training Programs

We conduct following 2 types of training programs. A. Training Programs for Farmer’s Group B. Corporate Training Program In above both the cases we provide on field training as well as virtual training too. This depends on the circumstances as well as the choice of the client.

Monthly Retainership

Rising Roots Agriculture Consultancy Pvt Ltd provides end to end solution to client in any project. Hence, to maintain long standing relationship & to make ourselves accessible to the clients we do provide the option of Monthly Retainership.

Arrangements of Vendors

We do get them connected with various vendors for specific tasks. But, to maintain transparency in the system we don’t get involved in the financial deal of the arrangement.

Virtual Services

• Our team will be more productive • You can access a global talent pool • We can provide 24X7 support • You can scale easily • Our communication will be more transparent • We can have frequent interactions

Market Survey

To understand market in a better manner we do carry out market survey for our clients. The outcome of the same is included in our DPR. Besides, that if we require market inputs for any particular product then also we can offer the client with this service.

Connecting with putative customers

To sell out the product it is mandatory to reach the right customer. For that matter we do advice the client about the customer base in the market. This smoothens the sale of their product & sell the product with a better margin. Here, we do train our clients about the selling tactics of their product. Until & unless the client doesn’t succeed in selling his product in the market entire exercise goes futile.

Arrangements of Planting Material

We are firm believer in the old saying i.e.;“Well Begun is Half Done”. An authentic & healthy planting material is must to harvest high yield and superior quality produce. This is equally true in case of Mushroom Production, Contract Farming, Micropropagation, Organic Farming & Seed Business.

Preparation of PPT

During marketing of the product the client may need a good power point presentation to project his product or concept. To make him/her confident to present his case successfully we do prepare PPT on varying topics as per the demand of the client.

Commission based on Total Project Cost

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Specific Requirements pertaining to Project

Rising Roots Agriculture Pvt Ltd is not a charity organization. But, at the same time our charges for the above services are quite reasonable. Client is free to choose any of the above services he/she requires. One thing we can assure our clients that we do provide quality service & our charges in any case are not going to pinch their pockets.